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Test NameMethodTurn AroundRepeatabilityReproducibilityBlendingAdditive CorrectionTest TypeProduct
White Bucket Test Visual10 minutesNone EstablishedNone EstablishedNon-Linear OTHER4
Water Reaction D-109425 minutesNone EstablishedNone EstablishedNon-Linear WC4
Water by Distillation D-952 hoursvariable, see methodvariable, see methodLinear OTHER2,3,7
Water & Sediment D-179640 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear OTHER3,7
Water E-20340 minutes0.010%0.078%Linear WC1,2,4,8
Viscosity D-44560 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear PHY2,3,4,7
Vapor/ Liquid Ratio D-481410 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear OTHER1
Vapor Pressure D-519115 minutes0.00807 (DVPE + 18.0psi)0.0161 (DVPE + 18.0psi)Non-Linear PHY1
Vanadium D-5863A40 minutes1.1X0.500.33X0.90Linear SP3,7
Toluene(1.7 - 9%) D-360630 minutes0.03(X) + 0.020.12(X) + 0.07Linear GC1
Toluene(>9%) D-360630 minutes0.621.15Linear GC1
Sulphur D-545330 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodLinear OTHER1,2,4
Sulfur D-429425 minutes0.02894(X + 0.1691)0.1215(X + 0.05555)Linear OTHER2,3,7
Sulfur D-2622 15 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodLinear OTHER1,2,4
Smoke Point D-132230 minutes2mm3mmLinear B&C4
Silver Corrosion D-4814-04b4 hoursnot yet determinednot yet determinedNon-LinearYESOTHER1,4
Silicon D-51848 hours0.3539*X**2/31.338*X**2/3Linear PHY2,3,7
Sediment, Potential D-48704 hoursvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear OTHER3
Sediment by Extraction D-4734 hours0.017 + 0.255(S)0.033 + 0.255(S)Linear OTHER3,7
Saybolt Color D-15620 minutes1 color unit2 color unitsNon-Linear COL4
Relative Density(trans, liquids) D-129815 minutes0.00050.0012Linear PHY1,2,4
Relative Density(opaque liquids) D-129815 minutes0.00060.0015Linear PHY3,7
Purity Denaturant Content D-550140 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear GC8
Pour Point D-972 hours3° C6° CNon-LinearYESPHY2,3,7
Phosphorus D-323130 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodLinear B&C1
Phosphorus D-495130 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodLinear B&C2
Ph Value D-642320 minutes0.29 pH0.52 pHNon-Linear WC8
Particulate Matter D-545240 minutes0 -.06 mg / L0 - .06 mg / LNon-Linear OTHER1,2,4
Oxygenates D-481540 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodLinear GC1
Oxygenates D-559940 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodLinear GC1
Oxidation Stability D-5255 hours5%10%Non-Linear OTHER1
Olefins D-13192 hoursvariable, see methodvariable, see methodLinear OTHER1,2,4
Octel High Temperature Stabilty D-64682 hours22.42 - 0.2130x44.04 - 0.4281xNon-Linear OTHER2
Octane, Motor D-270040 minutes0.2 octane numbers0.7 octane numbersNon-LinearYESOTHER1
Octane Research D-269940 minutes0.2 octane numbers0.9 octane numbersNon-LinearYESOTHER1
Napthalenes D-1840A30 minutes0.0222(1.00+x)0.0299(1.00+x)Linear SP4
NACE Rating TM01725 hoursNone EstablishedNone EstablishedNon-LinearYESOTHER1,2
MSEP D-394830 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear OTHER4
Mercaptan Sulfur D-322730 minutes0.00007+0.027x0.00031+0.042xLinearYESWC1,2
Lubricity (HFRR) D-60792 hours80um @ 60° C136um @ 60° CNon-LinearYESOTHER2
Lead Content D-323740 minutes0.005g/U.S. gal.0.01g/U.S. gal.Linear SP1
JFTOT- Ox Stability D-32413 hoursnot yet determinednot yet determinedNon-LinearYESOTHER4
Heat of Combustion D-140540 minutes.012 MJ / Kg.035 MJ / KgLinear B&C4
Heat of Combustion D-24040 minutes.012 MJ / Kg.035 MJ / KgLinear B&C2,3,7
Haze Rating D-417615 minutes1 number2 numbersNon-LinearYESOTHER2,4
Glycerin D-658440 minutesvariable, see methodnot yet determinedLinear GC2
Freeze Point D-238660 minutes0.8° C2.3° CNon-Linear PHY4
Flash Point D-93A40 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear PHY2
Flash Point D-5640 minutesbelow 140° F 2.0below 140F 8.0Non-Linear PHY4
Existent Gums D-3813.5 hoursvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear OTHER1,4
Emission Calculation EPA 40 CFR10 minutesvariable, see calculationvariable, see calculationNon-Linear CALC1
Electrical Conductivity D-262415 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-LinearYESPHY2,4
Dye Content D-625830 minutes0.1847(x)0.50.7652(x)0.5LinearYESCOL2
Driveability Index Specification D-481410 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear CALC1
Doctor Test D-495215 minutesNone EstablishedNone EstablishedNon-Linear WC1,2,4
Distillation Range D-11602 hoursvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear PHY3,7
Distillation D-8645 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear PHY1,2,,4
Density(trans, low visc. liquids) D-129815 minutes0.51.2Linear PHY1,2,4
Density(opaque liquids) D-129815 minutes0.61.5Linear PHY3,7
DCPD GC40 minutes  Linear GC1
Copper Corrosion D-1304 hoursNone EstablishedNone EstablishedNon-LinearYESOTHER1,2,4
Copper D-1688 A40 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodLinear SP8,9
Cloud Point D-250060 minutes2° C3° CNon-LinearYESPHY2
Chloride Ion D-512C40 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodLinear WC9
Cetane Number, Derived(ID) D-68902 hours0.0465x(ID-2.432)0.0777x(ID-0.7679)Non-LinearYESOTHER2
Cetane Number, Derived(DCN) D-68902 hours0.760.0987x(DCN-17.67)Non-LinearYESOTHER2
Cetane Index D-473710 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear CALC2
Cetane Index D-97610 minutesvariable, see methodvariable, see methodNon-Linear CALC2
Carbon Residue, MCRT D-45304 hoursvariable, see methodvariable, see methodLinear B&C2,3,7
Burning Quality D-18717 hourssee method for detailssee method for detailsNon-Linear B&C4
Benzene(0.1 - 1.5%) D-360630 minutes0.03(X) + 0.010.13(X) + 0.05Linear GC1
Benzene(>1.5%) D-360630 minutes0.030.28(X)Linear GC1
Astm Color D-15005 minutes.5 color unit1 color unitNon-Linear COL2
Ash Sulfated D-8746 hours0.047(X0.85)0.189(X0.85)Linear B&C8
Ash Content D-4826 hours.003 - .007 wt. %.005 - .024 wt. %Linear B&C2,3,4,7
Aromatics(Total) D-576940 minutes0.0761(X0.75)0.244(X0.75)Linear GC1
Aromatics(Toluene) D-576940 minutes0.117(X0.40)0.695(X0.67)Linear GC1
Aromatics(benzene) D-576940 minutes0.046(X0.67)0.221(X0.67)Linear GC1
Aromatics D-13192 hoursvariable, see methodvariable, see methodLinear OTHER1,2,4
Api, Specfic,Gravity & Density D-405215 minutes0.00010.0005Linear PHY1,2,3,4,7,8
API(transparent, low visc. Liquids) D-129815 minutes0.10.3Linear PHY1,2,4
API(opaque liquids) D-129815 minutes0.20.5Linear PHY3,7
Aluminum D-51848 hours0.2968*X**2/30.7890*X**2/3Linear SP2,3,7
Acidity D-161340 minutes0.00030.0005Linear WC8
Acid Number D-97440 minutesNone EstablishedNone EstablishedLinear WC2,4
Acid Number D-66440 minutesNone EstablishedNone EstablishedLinear WC2,3